Alison Dix, Virtual Assistant

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Alison Dix, Virtual Assistant is here to support growing women entrepreneurs who are ready to download parts of their business they don’t have time for or the energy to make it happen, in order to free up their own time for money & joy producing activities.

Alison is here to make you feel supported by a professional who handles your tasks efficiently and professionally.





For 8 years, I, Alison Dix, ran my own wedding planning business and whileal revised (2) I was great at doing it and thought that I would love doing it, I was essentially paid to take on other’s stress and I was a crazy person. It was go, go, go as hard as I could and then drop. Over and over. Until I was miserable and not really having fun doing what I thought I was meant to do. How could I give up what I thought I was meant to do and what would ever make me happy?

Which led me to this idea- What if I started really taking care of myself? What difference would that make? Would that make my overall life better? Oh, my goodness, did it ever! I began to feel free to live my life. Making time for me has made me the happy, positive person I have always wanted to be. 




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