About Alison

I am about getting your business out there, helping to leverage all the tools there are online, to make you the success you are meant to be. I am creative, get excited to plan out how you could expand your target market and love strategizing with you on how to speak your customer’s language. 

I get very motivated by lists (meaning: I am fast at getting things done); I am ready and willing to help support your growing business, all those little details you don’t even know that are out there, I am here to help take care of them for you.

I am a strong, independent woman and a woman who supports her family and her three little ones with four paws.

Are you ready for help – do you want to bounce ideas off someone? Does marketing and fixing your copy seem daunting? Do you want to try Facebook Ads to grow your business? Are you even ready to? Let’s chat and figure this out- you deserve the support I am here to deliver!



  • Worked in an Insurance Office supporting sales and renewal of commercial insurance policies
  • Ran my own Event Planning Business for 8 years
  • Worked as a Office Manager of a Non-Profit for 6 years
  • Ran my own online coaching business for 2 years
  • Built Several WordPress sites on my own – learning as I went
  • Supported all my publishing skills with Digital Marketing Trainings Online



  • Facebook Audits
  • Copywriting for websites, sales pages and email sequences
  • Strategy to reach target audience
  • Social Media Planning
  • Setting Up Business Facebook Page
  • Managing Facebook Ads
  • Website Site revisions
  • Website Copy and visual optimization
  • Email plan to nurture following
  • Launch strategy for marketing



“Alison came to me as a VA, like an angel sent from God. I had bitten off more than I could manage, and set a deadline that would be nearly impossible. And then Alison messaged me out of the blue to offer her help as a Virtual Assistant. Hallelujah!

She listened carefully to what I was going through, and helped to sort what needed to be done, and which tasks she would manage. This was especially effective when we took the time to talk through my exact requirements, and then she would run with it, and bring it back to me, done. What a relief for me!

As we moved toward the successful launch of the Inner Peace Summit, Alison was loyal and compassionate. She was completely committed to the success of the project, and helped in any way she could. I definitely recommend Alison as a valuable, loyal member of your project team.

My personal strength is in Big Visions and Big Picture, and Alison’s forte is in all those pesky administrative tasks. She’s good at all those details that are critical to the success of the project, such as sending emails, organizing calendars, coordinating meetings, and collating responses. If you are leading a project, and need to keep your eye on the prize, Alison can make sure the little (but important) things get done. She’ll organize them, and present them to you, so you can relax and focus on your zone of genius.”                                            

                                            — Tara Leduc, www.taraleduc.com & Inner Peace Summit

“Alison was the VA for a massive project I undertook with a partner, and was the fastest VA I’ve ever worked with!!  She was able to integrate instructions from both my partner and I, manage on-boarding clients, and complete tasks in half the time we expected.  Alison was always professional and succinct in her communications – which was just what we needed to help us streamline our operations.  We were so busy with this project and we would could rely on Alison to complete tasks quickly and without supervision.”

 -Shannon Townsend, Get Shit Done Coach www.ShannonTownsendCoaching.com